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single leg takedown defense to back
June 23, 2021

Single Leg Takedown Defense to Back

Opponent comes for leg x. Sweep leg x back, use arm x to hook their arm on side x. Hip out on their back, and hand y on their neck to control space. Helpful to think about getting head control with hand y first when they come in.

Replace hooked arm x with arm y. Move arm x to other side to get double unders while sweeping your body behind them.

Move hand position to seatbelt, and fall to upper seatbelt side to finish RNC.

If they turtle when you deflect the single leg:

While keeping your legs behind their arms reach, seatbelt them, get in whatever position needed to squat them all the way up with you, bring a leg in front between their legs. Hook in other leg as you fall forward. If they try to resist the back take, extend legs out and back to take away leverage.

Tags: bjj

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