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John Elam @elamje

software engineer, founder,

Interested in high speed rail, hyperloop, fast transport,and snowboarding. Learning design, swedish, russian, distributed systems, and crypto.

Some of favorite things i've done: snowboard for over 50 days the last few years, study electrical engineering at ut austin, live in stockholm for 6 months, work at nasa, study at kth, work with really talented people at 2 startups, architect and build services used by a millions of people, live in a town of 1,200 during 2020, live in keystone colorado during 2021, live in austin for 8 years, see china russia norway estonia and 20 more countries, compete intensely in cycling and brazilian jiu jitsu, have some incredibly talented friends, and it's only the beginning!

Always meeting founders, engineers, designers, vcs, and more in austin - excited to meet you! ping me at

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